Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teaching is...

Ya know what? This is really an interesting thing. When I was younger I did not enjoy school very much at all. At least I don't think I did. But now, I am loving being a teacher! It really is unlike anything else. And way more difficult then you think. But the kids are are fantastic, and definitely very different then American children. School is so important in Korean culture that the children actually go to school all day loooooong. What I mean is that they will go to a regular school in the morning at like 7 or 8am until 2 or 3pm, and then they get on another bus and come to English school until 10 or 11pm, and because the schools require it, there is homework every single night and if it is not done then the kids get detention. My students ages range from 9 to 12 in elementary, and about 13 to 14 in middle school. And what is even more amazing is that these kids are extremely well behaved, even with a schedule like that. The work ethic here is just something that does not exist throughout the vast majority in America. But in the classroom, and I know this sounds totally cliche, it really is like making miracles. Having the kids completly focused on you, waiting for you to do something, which you better because otherwise you will lose their attention and in big trouble...they laugh, they smile, they get excited or even confused, but you can see the light bulbs turn on in their heads, and then  you know you are doing you job, and it is impossible to not be moved by it. Actually, originally I thought maybe I would just be indifferent with my feelings about teaching children, but now I know it really is a fantastic experience.

One of my favorite parts so far has been the chilrens names. Most of these students have English names already. But not all of them. So of course we must give these kids English names. It is a little weird though, because this will most likely be their name forever. With that in mind, I have only allowed a couple Marios and Luigis, and had to decline a child the name of "Monster" and "Pizza".   :)

Its been a lot of fun so far.....


  1. jason i cant believe you moved do you have skype have fun in korea dont the coke cans look funny like redbull cans. miss ya buddy i just got home from thailand

  2. I can TOTALLY relate from my own experience being a teacher. But I can't even imagine teaching students with that kind of work ethic and dedication to learning. It was much different at the school I taught at, but the rewards are still the same. It sounds like you're having an amazing experience! I'm a little envious, but very happy for you! :) PS: Although "Mario" and "Luigi" come from our video games, aren't they technically "Italian" names, not English?? lol

  3. It's great to hear you're enjoying the experience, Jason.

    Not allowing "Pizza" are so strict! lol.

    Love, Dad

  4. So nice to hear you are enjoying yourself! Sounds like you are learning a lot and keeping busy...don't forget to name a few kids Danielle, David, Tyler, and Marni too!!! We love reading the blog so keep it up and dont forget to bringus presentssss!!!!! (marni)

    LOVE, Danielle, Boss, Marni

  5. Amazing. Period. I'm so stoked for you.

    You do get weekends off, yea? Any weekend trips planned?