Saturday, August 14, 2010

And So It Begins....(chapter 1)

So, here I am, waiting in a lounge in JFK airport. Part of me thinks I am absolutely insane, while obviously the larger part of me is excited to begin this journey. I really think it is totally fair for anyone who is doing this to be scared out of their mind, so I have no qualms admitting it. Anyway, I am writing this now because as the closer I get to the moment I board the plane the more evident it is becoming how hard it is going to be to communicate with all of you. That fact in it self  is enough to have me fighting back tears this very second. I also want to thank all of you who have supported me throughout all of this and to those of you who have gone out of your way to wish me well before I leave, I truly cannot tell you how much that means to me. I really feel like I am doing this with so many people with me, even though I really am going to be by myself in a completely different world 8000 miles away. So again, thank you all for being here with me in spirit.

Now, I will make you all a deal....I will continue to update this blog regularly with in-depth insight into my experiences in South Korea and wherever else I may travel to as long as all of you who are able to, call my mother as often as you can because I know if its as hard for her as it is for me to not be able to speak to her every day that she will really enjoy the company and support. Thank you all so much.

So, as I close my computer screen I will be walking to the check-in counter to get my ticket and check my bags. AND SO IT BEGINS...


  1. I am totally excited about your blog. I have this feeling that this will be an excellent adventure that we may live vicariously through you.

    Stay well my friend and spread you good nature, joy and smile to many.


  2. Great post, Jason!!!

    We're looking forward to hearing from you when you land.

    Love, Dad

  3. Everyone is so excited about your blog....keep up the excellent writing
    Love, Mom

  4. Ok so you got me crying... Remember when I told you to write a book about your college experiences ? Well, I can't wait to hear all about your journey to Korea This is going to be such an exciting time in your life even more so than college. You're going to be fine Jason, and you know how much David and I care about you and only want the best for you. This is going to be a life changing time of your life . Absorb every minute of it and enjoy! I will check your blog often and look forward to the next. We have the skype set up and know that we are always here for you. We'll miss you you'll always be a very special person in our life. We love you,
    Danielle and David

  5. Thank you all sooo much for everything you are saying and all your support! I am still recovering from the travelling a bit and have not fully adjusted to the time change. But I promise that once I get settled in I will be have much more frequent updates and posts. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with all of you.
    By the way...I am typing this on a korean keyboard!ㅑ ㅡㅑㄴㄴ ㅛㅐㅕ 혀ㅛㄴ 내 ㅡㅕ초!(I miss you guys so much!)

  6. It was great to skype with you. Your apartment looks terrific.

    The jet lag will go away in a couple of days, and then you'll be rockin'.

    Love ya,

  7. I will keep checking in and looking forward to reading how you are adapting. I am excited for you! You are a brave soul........ :o)

  8. Hey Jason,
    I just found your blog... pretty cool! I can't wait to read about about all of your amazing adventures and live vicariously through you! :) I know you're going to have an amazing time and an incredible experience! This is such a special opportunity, cherish every moment!